Logical and Reasoning Tests
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Logical and Reasoning Tests Chatbot workflow 1. Receive a multi-step challenge from the chatbot user. 2. Use GPT-4 to work through the challenge, ask it to think step-by-step. 3. Send the solution to other LLMs (Claude-3, Mixtral-8x7b, and Llama2-70b) for improvement. 4. Rate the different solutions (1-5 stars). 5. Display all solutions (original and 4 improved solutions) and their ratings to the chatbot user. Show the project to the client and repeat the process from steps 1-5 until the deal is secured. I'll add all the code, prompts, etc., and upload the bot file after I have tested enough. I'm going to build it so that when other bot builders are testing or start using it, just replace your API keys and you're good to go. Even the latest LLMs can't solve all these problems alone when asked one time. If a multi-LLM chatbot can, we all have clients: Write the game "Snake" in Python. Logic and reasoning: If five shirts laid out in the sun take 4 hours to dry, how long would 20 shirts take to dry? Explain your reasoning step by step. Transitive property reasoning: Jane is faster than Joe, Joe is faster than Sam. Is Sam faster than Jane? Explain your reasoning step by step. Math: Calculate 25 - 4 * 2 + 3. Scenario reasoning: There are three killers in a room, someone enters and kills one of them. How many killers are left in the room? Explain your reasoning step by step. Create JSON data structure for specified people with attributes like age and gender. Physical logic: A small marble is put into a cup, and the cup is placed upside down on a table, then moved to a microwave without changing its orientation. Where is the marble now? Test about object placement: John and Mark are in a room with a ball, a basket, and a box. John puts the ball in the box then leaves for work. Mark moves the ball to the basket then leaves for school. Where do they each think the ball is when they return? Challenging logic: Provide 10 sentences that end in the word "Apple."