Here are four possible chatbot ideas for your clie...
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Here are four possible chatbot ideas for your clients 🫡 These aren't suitable for every use case, like customer service where GPT-3.5 is good enough, but they might be great starting point for many advanced scenarios. If your client, like mine, is not fully satisfied and feels that 'AI isn't quite there yet', remember the initial 'Aha' moment many bot builders experienced when first using ChatGPT. For me, a second revelation came when I first tried using multiple LLMs together. Solve Coding Challenges: If the chatbot can solve my coding problems, where I would otherwise be stuck for a week, I don't mind paying $0.20 extra for AI Task and API calls. Build Useful Guides: If a company can build much more useful guides from important things than they can do with GPT-4 alone, and share that with 100 workers, they don't mind spending $0.20 or even $2.00 for that. Solutions from Documents: If I manage to build smart contracts with that like a pro, and my lawyer friend can get it to give correct law-related answers from the knowledge base documents, it's worth a lot. Logical and Reasoning Tests: If a multi-LLM chatbot can give correct answers to difficult tasks which AI professionals use to test LLMs, and normally one LLM can't get all those right, I'm never going back to using only GPT-4, and I'm happy to showcase that project to any client. Asking ChatGPT or another AI a question, it starts by guessing the next word, and often, it does quite well. When you have the AI first answer and then refine that answer 2-4 times with other LLMs, it reaches a whole new level. So, I'm telling my client that maybe AI was already there, but we weren't. Now, we might be 🤖 🚀