OpenAI Assistants API v2
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@crooked-van-25152 🦸‍♀️ 🫡 as you have also mentioned, some of my posts have recently been right posts in a wrong place, since they've been non-tutorials, non-share-your-bots, and non-help-posts. So in addition to those channels, if there were a channel called something like 'Other Useful Stuff', I think I would be spending most of my time in there posting for example useful YouTube playlists related to tools or skills bot builders might need. Or like this one, which might start as a help request, turn into a tutorial, end as everyone is sharing their bots and projects, and in the middle, I hope there's again much talking like in developer or general channels. **OpenAI **has recently upgraded its Assistants API to version 2, marking a significant evolution in AI tools designed for business applications. These enhancements not only improve functionality and performance but also expand the practical applicability in various business contexts. So this topic also has all our favorite elements: speeding things up and cutting costs while improving the product and user experience. It includes RAG, fine-tuning, and a focus on why v2 is now much better for businesses, and after we have together built and shared useful Botpress templates 🛠️ , we then add that last missing favorite element: quick and easy to start using Assistants API v2 for your business and your clients 💎 💰 🚀 The transition to Assistants V2 represents a leap towards making AI tools more accessible, efficient, and adaptable to real-world applications. With an emphasis on fine-tuning and customization, businesses can now tailor AI functionalities to meet specific operational needs, potentially revolutionizing efficiency and customer interaction strategies.
Why we might need it: New Features -Vector Store in File Search: Now supports up to 10,000 files, a 500x increase from the previous limit, handling chunking, embedding, and quality knowledge retrieval more efficiently. -Tool Choice Forcing: Allows specific tool enforcement per thread to optimize task execution. -Assistant Roll Messages: Enables the inclusion of assistant-originated messages in message histories, enhancing thread management. Improvements Over Version 1 -Enhanced Context Management: Message history tracking now includes options for automatically truncating or setting specific thresholds for the number of messages in context, addressing issues related to token cost inefficiency. -Streamlined SDK Support: Improved support across diverse programming environments like TypeScript and Python, simplifying integration and usage. Search Optimization -File Search Enhancements: Includes improved query handling capabilities with enhanced reranking and user search (query) rewriting for optimized file search. -Chunking and Overlap Strategy: Implements a refined chunking strategy with significant overlap (400 tokens overlap on 800 token chunks) to ensure comprehensive data retrieval without missing context. Multi-Hop Document Reasoning -Complex Query Handling: Breaks down complex queries into simpler, multiple queries that can be handled more effectively to synthesize and return comprehensive responses.
Search Techniques -Hybrid Search Approaches: Utilizes both keyword and semantic search techniques to capture the intent and specifics of queries, not just the literal terms. Re-Ranking Mechanism -Query and Chunk Re-Scoring: After initial retrieval, queries and document chunks are re-ranked and re-scored based on relevance to the query, ensuring that the most pertinent information is prioritized. Chunking Strategy -Limited Chunk Context: Limits the number of chunks in context to 20, optimizing performance without overwhelming the system with too much data. Benefits for Companies -Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency: By addressing issues related to token cost and response latency, Assistants V2 becomes a more viable option for business applications, reducing operational costs and improving user experience. -Enhanced Customization and Control: Offers businesses more control over the tool's behavior and output, aligning more closely with specific use-case requirements. Cost and Speed Efficiency -Optimized Performance: Reduced latency and cost through more efficient use of tokens and enhanced system responsiveness. Knowledge Base and Control Features -Expanded Document Handling: From a limit of 20 documents to up to 10,000, coupled with advanced control features like max token settings for threads, providing better management of resource consumption and cost. Fine-Tuning Strategy -Use-Case Specificity: You can start using Assistants API v2 with the full capabilities of GPT-4 and then collect the comprehensive data across various threads. This data (all those threads) is then used to fine-tune the smaller GPT-3.5 model, resulting in much cheaper, much faster, and much more targeted model that excludes unnecessary domains (like coding or medical information if your use case is travelling & hotel business), optimizing performance by focusing only to specific needs.
Future Developments -Text Extraction from Images: Planned capabilities for extracting text from images to further enhance the utility and applicability of the API in diverse business scenarios.
@best-army-74344 🦸🏽‍♂️ 💎 🫡 First we need to study, then we need to practice, and then we can start building Botpress templates and real projects for our companies and clients.
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Even though I wrote the text here (after studying the topic all morning by reading and watching useful videos), I needed to read the text again 2-3 times until I finally understood all the benefits which the new Assistants API v2 brings to us bot builders 🛠️ So I recommend everyone who's interested read that 2-3 times. Then you'll get all their ideas, and start creating your own ideas 💡
Im going back to school to increase my english skills
If I write some long posts or tutorials like this, I almost always ask ChatGPT to correct the spelling, but spelling only, not to change the text in any other way. I do the study first and write my own questions and instructions. And ChatGPT doesn't have any idea of the Assistants API's new updates from last week, so in texts like that, if it does anything else than spell-checking, it will only mess things up.
Got it.
Ill just build a GPT that increases my sentences
I've found that when I ask ChatGPT to correct the spelling in my long messages, I learn from that and don't make the same mistakes as often anymore.
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Last time we were working on the calcutor project, we were unfimiliar with Chatbots ( I think )
But now, we have increased our skills AND projects by a vast number
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@quick-musician-29561 great write-up ! Going to delve into assistants this morning. Lets see what we can come up with
I read it only once, but it moved me enough 💪 I agree with the idea that it would be good to have a channel for topics like this. btw @quick-musician-29561 , could you suggest the videos that you found most relevant for the Assistant API v2?
@adamant-restaurant-32140 Building with python and Assistants API v2 (I'm doing the same with JavaScript)

Morningside AI (Liam Ottleys company) explaining the benefits and why we might need it

Liam ottley
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