Trigger Knowledge Base on Command and Pass In a St...
# 👀feature-requests
Hello! I would love to have the ability to trigger a Knowledge Base and pass in information to it. This would open up the possibility of passing in info (like the transcript from summary agent) to get better answers. See example below *Example: * ***User***: When trait does sword strike have? ***Bot***: Sword strike has the trait "Sharp" ***User***: How much damage does it do? * I pass in User Question with Summary to Knowledge Agent* ***Bot***: Sword strike does 7 damage. I could pass this in to an AI Task but it seems like I'm missing a big opportunity by not being able to pass in to Knowledge Base.
Agreed, I tried modifying event.preview before the KB node, but it doesn't affect the actual results from the KB
This would reduce the need to use external storage options as well.
Yup! It would honestly prevent these situations in the screenshot. I want to use a forum as a last result for a search, so only if it fails the initial search in a different KB does it fall back to the next. Unfortanetly, there is no way of triggering the KB with the previous message. I just trick the user into thinking the need to rephrase the question. What's worse, is I can't then take both sentences and trigger the KB search :/ Have to go to external storage