Moving nodes/selection around using keyboard
# 👀feature-requests
It would help with organization and reduce the need for clicking and dragging
How do you see this working? In my head I see using the arrow keys to stick the current node around the next node in whatever direction you press. Once you are “locked on” to a node. You can then use the arrow keys to swap the position around the locked on node. (Top, left, right, bottom) if you are on the right side and press right again you would move the selected node to the next node in the direction. Let me know if that makes sense or see any problems with this. I’ll add it to my list of things to mock-up as well.
Tbh I didn't get the point of this locking behavior. It can exist alongside the simple one I suggested that's just moving cards around the board, but requiring another key combination. Thanks for considering
I just wanted to add moving around the studio with arrow keys and WASD would be nice
Hey @faint-pager-56395 I realize wasn't clear - I meant moving just a few pixels in the screen with the WASD or arrow keys as @bulky-dusk-45106 mentioned. And now I understand the locking feature better, it would be nice for organization, but how would you find out what's the next node? Maybe when selecting nodes using Shift, a panel would show up with options like aligning, copying, deleting, moving to other flow and such. But that would be another whole feature by itself haha.
Like the old Toolbox, but for nodes management
I can do some mock-ups so it’s understood visually as well. It would be a pretty complicated feature 😂 and I think it would involve preventing nodes from overlapping as well. As far as knowing what the next node is I’ll have to play with some ideas. For the basic movement, how far do you see a node moving on a single press?
yeah we had a few discussions about this in person at the office @witty-football-93730, we came up with a suggestion for keyboard shortcuts to do almost everything without touching the mouse. i'll come back here with our suggestion in a few
i'm a shortcut freak myself so i get it. i almost never use my mouse
Alright thanks for considering. Regarding the movement, just a single dot in the grid is enough I think. Also, sometimes nodes are not perfectly aligned like in the screenshot below, that's something to look at too. People with OCD will be grateful lol.
Yeah they always come in handy. I think mouses and keyboards are doomed anyway, can't wait for eye tracking, voice and gesture-based interfaces to become the standard!
Thanks for pointing that out!