Feed knowledge base response to AI task
# 👀feature-requests
For example : A bot that tells you the latest news on something you ask it about. user : What is the latest news on LLMs [bot searches LLMs] [bot takes search results and puts them through an AI task that summarizes] bot : This XYZ product has left beta and is now in GA. user : thanks!
good idea! should be straightforward to add
amazing! I'm up for it! Currently, I created a Google sheet API in sheety.co that does work well - but having data directly from KB inside botpress will be easier and will make a reply time faster for sure!
🎉 This feature is now in production (Manual Answering)! https://discord.com/channels/1108396290624213082/1121738095155490826/1122930037826523236
Here's a quick rundown of how to do it : 1. Open the agent menu (top left, robot icon) 2. Open the knowledge agent 3. Make sure "answer manually" is on 4. In your AI card, add "{{turn.KnowledgeAgent.answer}}" to your input That's it!
Hey Patrick i have tried this. I have the manual answering option and knowledge agent enabled. I put {{turn.KnowledgeAgent.answer}} into my AI Task Input and it is still not querying the KB for responses...
Am i missing something :/
I tried adding a Text card thinking i may be storing the var wrong but its not resolving the issue