Ability to see conversations
# 👀feature-requests
Right now there is no UI for seeing production conversations in Botpress. This would add the ability to see the conversations within app.botpress.cloud. Original question : https://discord.com/channels/1108396290624213082/1114269764529967144/1114269764529967144
This is very much needed. An Inbox/Dashboard would help manage conversations, users and live agents. This panel together with the current analytics tab will provide data and insights for builders to improve their bots and give better assistance to end users.
While we can build custom inboxes using the API, like I did (https://github.com/devguilhermy/botpress-inbox), they will never match the capabilities of a totally integrated management platform.
@acceptable-gold-88171 Is there a possibility that it won't just be app.botpress.cloud? like Whitelabel. I want to sell it to customers and I don't want that they will see how I built their chatbots