Support for Right-to-Left Languages Alongside Engl...
# 👀feature-requests
I've been using your platform and it's really cool. But I've run into a bit of a snag when trying to work with languages that read right-to-left, like Hebrew, alongside English in your website layouts. It'd be awesome if you guys could add in support for that. It'll make developing bilingual bots way easier and more inclusive, and I reckon a lot of users could benefit from it. Thanks for considering my suggestion!
@famous-jewelry-85388 i believe you can help here. I know this was supported on 12 has this been fully implemented yet on cloud?
Hey, In the emulator it will look wrong, but when you publish it, it should be good.
let me know if it still a problem, I can check with the team
Or are you talking about the studio itself? 🤔
@famous-jewelry-85388 In the emulator, it looks wrong and looks the same when I publish it on my website, it doesn't support Hebrew with English
can you send me a screenshot here?
Understood, were you able to try and switch it with CSS? I think you should also move it totally to the left side. Correct?
@famous-jewelry-85388 I don't know how to fix it with CSS and it's ok that this is on the right side. chatbots in Israel are on the right side too the text also needs to stick to the right, right now it sticks to the left
@bright-magazine-792 Can you help with this? 🧐