Ability to Configure User Session Timeout
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Currently, it doesn't look like we can customize the user session timeout (what triggers the timeout flow).
@stocky-lamp-63317 Please add any details to this feature request if any 🙂
Hello @acceptable-gold-88171 . Thanks for opening the feature. When I say user session time, I mean user time within the bot flow. Let's imagine that the bot's session time is 30 minutes from the moment I started the conversation. If I do not complete the entire conversation flow within these 30 minutes, the service starts again, that is, the user returns to the beginning of the flow. In Botpress v12 this configuration was defined in .json files. More precisely in this format: "dialog": { "timeoutInterval": "30m" } This configuration is very important because in the flow that exists in my company, we retrieve a lot of user information and it would be very costly to store all of it in variables. So having the possibility to customize the same session time in Botpress v12 would be of great value.
That would be awesome, since sometimes the session expires before the user responds, in case the reponse need some reflexion before
It would be interesting to be able to customize the timeout. imagine we are providing paid service by the bot, and because of timeout user is obliged to start the conversation again, it is a bad user experience in this case. so it would be very interesting to be able to have it as a setting per flow or per bot
Being able to time limit the user, could also open up certain functionalities like a timed test that a user can only take once.
@brave-dawn-96867 can you share an example of what a timed test might be?
A skill testing test to prove competency for a course.
This would be incredibly useful for me. Is there any work being done on this?
Any updates on this?
I think this is new... Maybe this is what you are looking for.


omg I hadn't seen this! thank you @rich-oxygen-43707