Knowledgebase chatbots not answering
# 🤝help
Hey all of my chatbots which are using knowledge base are not able to answer questions about the knowledge base
Same here
What I am most worried about is that we can not offer this as a service to any client if the backend is unreliable. @rich-battery-69172 Can you help us please?
@mysterious-account-66188 what kind of KB are you using? do you get any error?
Hi sly, it is randomly not asnwering from knowledge base.
Sometimes it do, sometimes it doesn't.
Sometimes the transitions on failure is happening and at other times it doesn't. Also Can you please help me in understanding more about how the knowledge agents work and what sort of matching is available. Like is it a semantic match, partial or full match? Like it behaves strangely many a times which is an issue to provide it as a service to any client. Is there a way to make it completely predictable and reroute the answers to AI when you want some randomness?
Would it be possible to record a video of this happening in the studio?
I think OpenAI has a temporary downtime right now:
Other LLMs are starting to become available and competitively capable – so we will offer fallback models when OpenAI fails in the future