Idk how to add these features
# 🤝help
So I'm working on a chatbot whose purpose would be to answer questions from a particular website , basically an FAQ answering bot But I would like to add these features to make it better 1) with each answer bot offers visitor suggested keywords or questions, which can help people move ahead in their interaction 2) bot gets the visitor to rate every answer - (maybe a useful 👍 👎 to each answer for people to rate) 3) I get a list of questions which the bot could not answer 4) visitor can save a copy of their interaction or get emailed 5) include video / audio / visuals in the reply But these features are too complex for me to implement so if someone can help that would be amazing
Hey @nice-rainbow-15830, you can see if there is someone over at #1121494527727902891 you could hire to get this project started. Otherwise, our documentation is a great place to begin
@early-train-33247 let's add those as individual feature requests