How to test chatbot on phone?
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Ok, so I just finished my first chatbot and tested it successfully on my computer - but then I tried to test it on my mobile phone and everything is so small and requires scrolling both vertically and horizontally - it’s basically unusable. How do I fix this so that it displays properly on both the phone and the computer (and why doesn’t it do so automatically?) To clarify, I’ve just “Published” my bot and I’m using the Share button to test it.
Use this implementation it helped me alot

Never mind. It works properly (meaning it’s “responsive”) when I add it to a real website. It’s just the share button in the builder that seems to have a problem with the way it is displayed on mobile devices. Incidentally - the builder web page appears to be completely unusable on a mobile phone also because half the screen is cut off and it doesn’t allow you to scroll right and left.