need help for translator agent
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I have trouble with translation. I enabled the translator agent and activated automation but it only shows in English. It doesn’t show other languages in the test chatbot. I want it to be multilingual so not choosing a particular language How can I fix it?
Following as I am having the exact same issue
hi try answering in a different language but make it a bit long. for example at the start of your chat put a long sentence in your desired language. i've tried it with Arabic and works like a charm
This still didn't work for me (although it is now detecting the language but not translating) This also isn't particularly helpful when the first trigger is likely to be "hi" or "hello"
@crooked-van-25152 reading through that it sounds like auto language translation is not working? The user in that thread ended up just setting language manually. That is not auto-detection, am I missing something?
As with @icy-magazine-27178, I need a multilingual chatbot

this video will help! 2:42 (if you want your user to pick the language of their choice)
@crooked-van-25152 I would like for the bot to detect the language when the user first engages with it, it does not look like this is possible?
For context, an Italian user is going to start the conversion by saying Ciao or similar, but if I put this in, my first message to the user is still coming up in English
You seem to have to put a large greeting in there to switch it from english to another language
You can have the bot detect the language of your user if you use the translator agent. Check the video around 4:40. But yes, the bot will need to say something first to prompt the user to reply in his language. If you pause the video, you'll see Gordy's notes. The language won't be detected if the user replies with 1-2 words hence the reason why it's good practice to have the bot ask a question first.
@acceptable-kangaroo-64719 anything to add here?
Gordy included the full bot and some more explanation here:
Beautiful @acoustic-hair-60678 !