Bug - Execute Code AI Generator
# 🤝help


07/11/2023, 3:01 AM
Hi all, I think I found a bug.. or I am just using it incorrectly. I am currently following the recipe tutorial on Youtube. I am trying to use the execute code card. I have copied the prompt from the video. At first, after typing the prompt in, it seems to work fine. The prompt generates some code. I can see the code. But, if I click on the edit pencil to open the larger view, the code disappears. From here, I cannot get the code to return again. I have tried copy/pasting the prompt back in, removing some characters, etc. The AI icon appears to spin and load, but then nothing is generated. No errors are thown on my end either. Restarting the screen also does not resolve this issue. The only way to get the prompt to trigger code generation again that is visible to me, is by creating an entirely new execute code card. But, this new card has the same overall behavior - working fine the first time, then not at all.