# 🤝help
I am capturing information from the user and assigning it to three different variables one after another. The 'Execute Code' card is executed after the values are assigned, but it seems like the 'event.payload.text' variable only stores the last data provided by the user. How can I access the rest of the data in the 'Execute Code' card? infouserName: 444-444-44 infouserEmail: 444-444-44 infouserNumber: 444-444-44 infoPayload: { userName: '444-444-44', userEmail: '444-444-44', userNumber: '444-444-44' } event.payload.text contains only Number event.payload.text.userAddress is undefined, so i cannot access info that way.
Could someone send me the link to "event" etc. things? I want understand what each and every one is doing.