http request using bearer token
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I need a little help please. I am trying to use "Make" to create an API request but I am struggling getting the authorization right. Im not sure exactly what URL to use before I add the endpoint /v1/chat/users/ as for the rest of the information, this is as far as ive gotten. Am I even close? I am new to using http to make API requests. PS: What is the credentials box at the top for?
the url would be the website's basepath you're getting your data from. like this one for example: api's usually have authorization to identify which user you are, amongst other reasons. use the 'make a request' http module in make if the api you're trying to access does not require authorization
use postman or insomia to test your request before trying them in make
you have to get the token first with one http module then in your next request you will use that token in part of your request
also you have to look at the api documentation it will give you all the infromation you need on what enpoints to use
if you use a tool like Postman you can test the api and get it to do what you want then you can figure out what information you need. I recomend watching a tutorial on postman
Right, but im trying to connect with my bot that botpress is hosting. So can i find the basepath url somewhere in the the integrations tab after I finished creating the login of my chatbot?
Is the token not my api_key I got from botpress cloud? The make request requires a name (I figure authorization) and a value (I figure "bearer my_botpress_api_key")
I've read the api documentation vigorously and can't find any examples.
are you trying to use make to make requests to external services? in that case use the webhook module in make. copy the url, that’s what you have to call in botpress with the ‘execute code’ node using fetch. read the docs or look at the examples given in #1111009377525186570
you do not need to authenticate for the webhook