Brand Persona // Personality Agent
# 🤝help
I have a whole brand persona I created for a client during a recent brand transformation. (see attached screenshot) I have written a great prompt for ChatGPT to get content rewritten in the tone and voice of the new brand persona. I have seen tools like start to incorporate Voice and Tone, and I see this Personality Agent trying to do a similar thing. The problem is, the ChatGPT prompt is 1250 characters. It includes a role, instructions, personality traits, tone of voice, tone dimensions and even some brand vocabulary. I see hat Personality Agent allows ~976 characters, but is the prompt engineering I am doing for ChatGPT relevant here? Will it work? Here is a link to the ChatGPT prompt I made for my client: First time user of Botpress, and already impressed with how it ingested their website and I was able to ask questions on it. Great work folks! ❤️
hey @acoustic-france-526 let me try to figure out internally what is our current size limit for agents, and see if there is any plan to increase it.
Thanks @jb — are you suggesting that my prompt engineering I am doing for ChatGPT is relevant here?
@acoustic-france-526 I personally that it isn't relevant, and think you would benefit by making it simpler and more efficient
Hi @acoustic-france-526, have you had a chance to test out your ChatGPT prompt in the Personality Agent of your bot? These are the results I was able to get in an initial experiment (albeit with the brand vocabulary cut short a few words)
I guess what I’m not hearing is what this Personality Agent is doing. I’m trying to figure out if it’s similar to a successful prompt I’ve made in ChatGPT or that I should modify this to not include elements. For instance, my prompt includes a role and instructions; those two things probably aren’t useful here. I don’t know how Personality Agent is being applied to the workflows, so I’m grabbing at straws.
The chatbot's outputs are filtered through the Personality Agent before finally being sent to the end user.