Chatbot looping questions
# 🤝help
just got into botpress and I am using a template from 1st pic. I want to remove the personalEmail thingy highlighted in 2nd pic, but when I remove it. My chatbot gets into the loop from the 3rd pic. I assume 4pic is the reason, but what should there be? Appreciate any help.
Hey @flat-night-22624 I think your transitions are not right. if you write "true" in the expression part, it shoudl work better
@acceptable-kangaroo-64719 Please see below. It is set to 'true' but the loop still happens
It looks like the one you have selected here is working but the Expression on your "question" node may not be right. If you have correctly set it to true, it would display "always" but it is displaying "true" so there may be an issue with that one.
That's it mate. Deleted the 'true' and just retyped it and now it works. thanks a lot 🙂