Data Persistence and integrating to improve custom...
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Hi, I'm looking to build a bot that integrates with another platform so that I can monitor customer journeys. I want to allow customers to add products to a basket and receive a price, I will then trigger an email to the customer with this price. I also want to let customer book appointments through the bot. I understand I need to use execute code blocks to communicate with a third-party api to manage this sort of journey. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for an api or a framework that will allow me to build this sort of integrated customer experience? Thanks
Am I better off building this sort of integration from scratch using a cloud database and cloud functions. And then triggering these functions in execute code blocks in the bot. Or is there a platform that will allow this sort of integration. I want to optimise this for the use of a client, but try and keep the development time low. I did look at using airtable but I found the api challenging when trying to load user profiles from a table, that could then be used in the bot.