AI Care and KB interference
# 🤝help
I have a capture card, then an AI response to the captured information with a KB connected to the node. Everything works fine, however... if the the KB has the answer, my bot will answer the question from the KB.... BUT also the ai card will try to answer it. How can i make sure that IF the KB finds an answer, the AI is not triggered, and vice versa. Thanks in advance!
Create another node, let's call it Standard 9. In Standard 8 you have the capture card and you add an expression, with the condition set to "!turn.KnowledgeAgent.responded". This card means that the bot did not find an answer in your KB. From this expression card, you direct it to whatever node comes next in your workflow. And after the expression, you create an "always" card and you connect it to the Standard 9, where you have your AI task and answer.
thank you!