Bots sends user to wrong node
# 🤝help
Hi i am trying to guide my bot from knowlagebase to a unasnwerd node. Unfortunally when the user ask a question in the knowledgebase node it autmatically sends the user to the answered node even if the bot succesfully answerd the question. How can i prevent this?
Hey @tall-house-14216 , Knowledge Base can only be searched on the start node or when there is user input. So you would need to put a capture card in your
node in order to search then.
@acceptable-kangaroo-64719 I would find it useful to also be able to search the KB based on some variable, and not waiting to capture user input. Why it matters: I have a previous node that compresses the user question, then I want to use its output for KB search.
does this compression have a big impact on knowledge base search results?