Knowledge base documents not working?
# 🤝help
Hello all, I am trying to setup a simple task by sending queries to the knowledge base. The document is in txt format. However all the bot responds that is does not know the answer to the question. However I noticed in the log that the file has been included in the search. The txt file was in Question Answer format. Only 1 question in there and when I asked the same question in the bot nothing was found. I am able to query wikipedia etc, so there must be another reason why its not working. Does anybody have a solution? Regards, Dennis
Hi @glamorous-monitor-29669 - yes, several other people have this issue (including me). However, first you need to check the qu’arien answering card is set up to access the KB. Second, try the app again after an hour or two. I’ve noticed an issue early mornings (US/Europe) where the KB isn’t working but it rectified itself later in the day. Good luck
hi, thank you for your reply. I hope they are going to fix this soon because stability is quite important!
I had the same issue. In another thread I was told that it will work in standard2. I tried to do it and it started working. But first thing first, I started from scratch i.e. I deleted the old bot . I think these bots have strong memory, they won't work if they went bad for any reason, how much you try. Now it seems to be working for me after initial hallucinations. With PDFs these bots need some training . That's another thing how you waste your 1000messages just to get a simple bot working as expected. Happy Botting Schutten!
@cold-oyster-64572 hi.. Can you tell me more about standard2 and how you managed to perform the training?
Standard2 is just another node
Right click it and create your own node Nothing special
I was told to create data source in standard I created it that way