Using ChatGPT to create a "Switch Case Statement" ...
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I'm trying to use ChatGPT to create the Execute code for a node which gives personalised responses to the options for gym memberships that people choose for themselves as an adult, or for their teen child. This is the prompt I've put into ChatGPT: "I have a variable of 'WhoFor' giving 'Gym membership for myself' From 'Gym membership for myself' I have a variable of 'WhyGym' giving 'I want to lose weight' and 'I want to be healthier & fitter' and 'I want to build muscle' As options From 'I want to lose weight', 'I want to be healthier & fitter' and 'I want to build muscle' as options, I have a final variable of 'TypeOfGymMembership' giving 'Adult Monthly Gym Access' and 'Adult Monthly Classes' and 'Senior Monthly (Over 65s)' As options In the first variable of 'WhoFor' I have another option giving 'Gym membership for my child' From 'Gym membership for my child' I have a variable of 'WhyGym' giving 'Lose weight' and 'Build strength' and 'Learn discipline' and 'All of the above!' As options From 'Lose weight', 'Build strength', 'Learn discipline' and 'All of the above!', I have the final variable of 'TypeOfGymMembership' giving 'Teen Monthly' As an option Please create a switch case or if else statement that's going to be able to give personalised answers for all of these different combinations of variables that may be chosen." I'm totally new to coding and building bots, I'd like to know what I'm missing. When I copy and paste the Javascript that ChatGPT produces, into the Execute Code, I get an error message.