My chatbot doesn't recognize KB
# 🤝help
Someone please help me out here: - My chatbot is for a supplement company. - As KB I only use: 1) Plain Txt (with all the info I need) 2) WebSearch to look for information about supplements we dont work with - I separeted my chatbot into work flows - First we try to answer from our Knowledge base - If It can't find the answer, use the websearch as last resource. I believe my workflow is correct, and it is working perfectly with the information I input, but when it's necessay to make a websearch they give this blank answer How can I fix it?
Main FLow is like this:
When asked about a supplement user is sent to this flow ith our information about it:
Until this point it's working fine, now, If it doesn't find the answer, it goes to this flow where he must search the websites and, but he just give me a blank answer instead: