Knowledge Base Question
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Hi there! I'm currently working on developing an AI chatbot for a real estate company as a fun project. My goal is to create a knowledge base that includes information about their agents and listings, extracted from their website. To accomplish this, I've written Python scripts that scrape the HTML code and extract specific data classes. This ensures that only relevant information is collected, without any unnecessary elements like the navigation bar. Now, I'm trying to determine the best approach to incorporate this data into my knowledge base. I know that I can use various file types such as webpages, PDFs, and texts. However, I'm particularly interested in understanding which extensions work best with Botpress, the platform I'm using for my chatbot. Additionally, I'm curious to know if Botpress is well-suited for storing more direct information, such as 'listing = (address)' and 'agent = (agent name).' I want to ensure that the chatbot can retrieve and present this specific information accurately. Moreover, I would appreciate any insights regarding the limitations of uploading data to the knowledge base nodes. In my initial experiments, I've only worked with PDFs, and I encountered the need to split a single PDF into multiple parts to incorporate all the necessary data. Thank you in advance for any guidance or suggestions you can provide on these aspects!
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