Inline Intent Fails Inconsistently
# 🤝help
I've noticed that inline intent actions have become much harder to create effectively. On average i try to use roughly 5-10 keywords but I can't seem to get a
intent to work. I'm not sure if there are known issues with intents or maybe the training model has changed and I require more training data? I have also noticed that these intents work inconsistently, in my experience over the last couple weeks sometimes these intents work without issues and sometimes they fail when you give it one of the training words/phrases verbatim. This intent (and many others i have) used to work with less keywords a month or so ago so i'm not sure how to proceed.
Hey @rich-battery-69172 sorry to bug you im just not sure who else to ask about this (is there anyone i can ping if i need assistance? Im sure this post was simply unlucky and got pushed to the bottom of a long list). Is there anything that can be done about this temporarily?