Website Search Needs Improvement?
# 🤝help
Hi, I am building a simple custom knowledge bot for one project. I included a website knowledge base - zendesk based. You can see the setup in the image attached. Now when I ask the bot "What is soul?" I expect it to use the exact article that explains it: Instead it uses a pretty much unrelated resource which only mentions term "soul" without any explanation (attached in the second image): I'm pretty sure that if I had all the resources in a document or plain text format it would easily find a better answer. What can I do better to have it extract the information I'm looking for from the website based knowledge base? (Or maybe it's a room for improvement of how to website knowledge bases process queries and extract data). Regards, Kacper
Hi @kind-orange-96173 🦈 👋 the knowledge base descriptions and titles help the bot understand better where to look for info. So yes if you were able to break up the knowledge in a way that better pointed at the info you want it to look at when asked a certain topic, that should help. Here's a long stream that the team did about KBs (

) and a shorter one in case you want to learn more (