Email validation issues
# 🤝help
There email validation seems to be inconsistent and not accepting actually valid emails
Hey @rich-oxygen-43707, could you again provide me with the details and the pattern you found?
Essentially, I was doing repeated testing of a different part of my bot, using the same email each time. It was definitely a valid email address, and I am confident that I didn't type it in wrong because (1) I was just "up arrowing" to repeat the inputs and (2) I could see in the logs that is was correct. I think I saw that email fail the capture validation three times but it was at least twice. I have posted the log entries here, I will see if I can find them again. Maybe I am not clear about what the email capture is expected to do. My assumption was that it was just validating that the format of the email address provided was a valid email format.
10:48:39debug[Capture] GPT extraction was not successful { success: false } 10:48:39debug[Capture] Field extraction failed. Input: 10:48:39debug[Capture] Extraction failed (0/3 attempts) 10:48:39debug[Capture] Retrying prompt 10:48:40debugSending Message. Type: text. Text: Please enter a valid email address.