Stylesheet URL help
# 🤝help
So I made a bot and published, works fine, and i wanted to customize the apperance, like change the background color fo chat, etc... I used the botpress styler app, and pasted the stylesheet URL it gave me onto the stylesheet url of the bot, but it still won't show the apperance changes made. I'm currently viewing the bot on a sharebale URL. Does the bot need to implemented in a website first for the appearance changes to show?
Hi @cool-angle-46622 that's correct. The stylesheet URL applies to the web chat channel, which means that the bot has to be implemented in a website for the styling you made in the Styler app to appear. The shareable URL styling does not change
Hi @cool-angle-46622, it would be helpful if the styling could already be visible in the shareable URL. I am planning to build chatbots for customers and so I could make the styling already customized to the company and visible in a shareable link in order to create interest already in a cold email. Before the possibility to integrate the bot into the customer's website is available. Is something like this planned?
Hi @modern-nest-17055 👋 I know the team has already been discussing this. To bring more attention to it, feel free to post on #1111026806254993459