Hey guys! Botpress noob here. Question: If I want...
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Hey guys! Botpress noob here. Question: If I want my chatbot in another language, what do I do?
Hey @echoing-bear-33041, what do you mean it's in other language? You wrote the questions and texts in one language and you need it to be displayed in another?
If yes, enable the Translator Agent, and it will speak whatever language the user speaks
You could also hard-set the language at the first node, by adding a Set Language card
Hey @early-train-33247 I want to make the bot userfriendly for Swedish people so I would like for them to ask the chatbot in Swedish and I would like the chatbot to respond in Swedish. Thanks in advance! 🙂
So it should be user-friendly to Swedish people TOO or ONLY? haha I ask because the configuration is different for each
If you want the bot to be multilingual, enable the Translator Agent (robot head), and enable both options. Then it shall speak whatever language the user does! 😉
Let me know if that helps!
Thank you so much for your help! I actually re-read what you wrote after I sent my last message and today when I tried my first ever chatbot I used Translator Head for the bot to be multilingual and it's amazing! The only downside is that in some nodes, I have to use Swedish in the "text" card so that the bot delivers the message in Swedish but sometimes it translates the Swedish to English and in those nodes I have to use English in the "text" card because it then correctly translates it into Swedish, not sure how to fix that. 😄
That's a paradoxical bug, I didn't quite get it 🤔 haha
You should use the same language throughout the bot, to avoid any problems
And if you would like to allow users to define the language, you could ask them with a Single Choice card, store the value in a variable, and use that variable as an input for the Set User Language card, which hard sets the language
in which case you would need to disable both options of the Translator Agent
I like that idea! I am still a noob but I think I understood what you wrote and I will do my best to implement it!
Go to the first node of your conversation, and click Add card
In the bottom of the Cards panel that will show up, there is an "Set User Language Card", click on it and it will be added
Now type in the desired language in the ISO format - en, fr etc
This will only work if you have the Translator Agent enabled and with both options disabled
Just did it, thank you for the guidance! I did kind of like the bot being able to answer the questions in any language the user used but I think this is better and with less bugs, the advance stuff will come with time. 😄
I have sent you two questions which I have deleted since I resolved the issues I had but I would love to ask you another question, and if you are busy - no worries. I did exactly what you said with the language card. I enabled the agent and disabled both options. When I got to my knowledge base node it translated my Swedish question/(single choice question) for the user into a English one. I put the language card in the first option inside the knowledge node (which is the node where the actual typing of questions start) and I also tried switching the language card to the first node closest to "start". None worked. I then disabled the agent and now when I ask my bot questions in Swedish, it replies in Swedish, only sometimes it replies in English (When I ended the question for the chatbot with English words). This became a very long message, appreciate any help! 🙂
Where can I change the language of my bot, I have enable all agents and opened the menu on chatbot settings, but the Enable Personality Rewrite that is supposed the show, is nowhere to be found.