is there a simple way to access chat logs from con...
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is there a simple way to access chat logs from convos the bot is having with users? i want to know what kind of questions people are asking my bot so that i can improve the Q&A part of my KB
Hey @alert-country-87687, the best way to list the conversations is using a custom inbox, like this one I built:
Once again, you are the hero
The repo has all the instructions to set it up, but if you need help let me know!
thank you!
hi again @early-train-33247 i'm working on setting up your botpress inbox app. almost there but stuck on the last .env step to find the bot id as user
this screen is what i see after i select messages log
but don't see any of the messages
direction outgoing etc
is there maybe a simpler way to find the userid?
Hello @alert-country-87687, unfortunately no, that's the way at the moment
Go to the console tab in the upper right
then reload the page an open any conversation
you will see a log MESSAGES: [..]
Hi again - here's a screen recording of me trying to find that userid... can you see what i'm doing wrong? thanks in advance!
Oh I got it!
what is happening is that the conversation needs to have messages for the Messages array to show up
I will add this to the instructions, sorry
I also tried it with chats that do have messages but have the same issue. I can’t find the parameter…
Hey Alan, not sure what you are doing wrong then.. 🤔
Could you restart the instructions from the beggining in the repo?
And the MESSAGES: [] log will show up in the Console tab
hi.. thanks so much once again for following up. I'm seeing a strange behavior where the chats that don't have content DO show the Messages log but those chats with content DONT show messages log
if the issue isn't clear from this video i'll start over like you said
Hey @alert-country-87687, I will troubleshoot it!
In the meantime, you can use the inbox normally
just won't be able to send messages I'm afraid
thanks again @early-train-33247 !
What happens when I turn off my computer? Will the interactions during that time appear after I turn it on again or will they be lost? @early-train-33247
They won't be lost, they are stored in the Botpress servers
But you need to refresh the page to get the latest conversations
Great, thanks!
Hey man, I've been trying for a couple of days now and after 20 tutorials here's what I've done (newbie here): Downloaded the file (from the GH repository), Installed VS code, installed Git Bash, Installed Node.JS, opened the file in VSCode, created the .env file, copied and pasted the parameters, and replaced them with my own... Now, Q: which file do I select to run 'npm install && npm run dev' and what do I choose in terminal to do it? Powershell or GitBash? Also, Is there anything else I need to do to run it locally(localhost)? I'm stuck on that part, I even tried downloading Codux (which is supposed to be easier and run NPM on its' own) but I found it more confusing... I appreciate any help or tutorial I can follow from here...
I entered all the info into ChatGPT and asked for a step-by-step process to run it locally on my PC and it worked, so no worries and thanks!
Hey @fierce-terabyte-74126, sorry for the delay! Happy to know it worked out!
You used an AI chatbot to help you set up a dashboard for you AI chatbot, that's amazing!
Let me know if you need something else! 🙌