hey David! Just want to have the option to have an...
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hey David! Just want to have the option to have an "open space" so after an answer is given the bot just kinda goes into stand by mode instead of going back to a question or ending the conversation the only way I've learned so far to keep the conversation going is to add a transition to a previous card (the same one that correctly answered them after sending them a question through a raw input) but the downside is every time I do that they NEED to get asked a question because it's required on every raw input card (looking for a work around) sometines an answer can look like " blablabla. Anything else?" >>> transition to previous card >>> Any other questions? so they get prompted twice to provide a question Hopefully that made sense lol would appreciate some help
lol yes that makes sense. if you go into the ChatGPT + Plugins template you'll see a conversation pattern close to what you're looking for. The trick there is to have the answer set as the question in the capture info card. Let me know if that helps