I have a question I ask a user, and I have 3 param...
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I have a question I ask a user, and I have 3 parameters that the AI needs to understand about the answer to know that it has enough information to decide if the answer is good or not. - If it doesn't have all 3 parameters or values filled out, I want it to ask a question that will help it fill out the remaining values. - every time the object is updated, I have a "summary" variable that is updated that analyzes the quality of the answer. My questions: 1: What's the best way to tell the bot how to identify the parameters that need to be answered, and to get it to pick one and create a question? Ideally I would want it to use as much context from the user as possible to form a smarter question, and only ask necessary questions, not just be a set of hard coded questions. 2: What is the best way to update the object values, without it overriding or deleting previous ones? Currently I am only using the AI task, and asking it what it knows about all 3 values, based on the summary variable, and then asking it to store the values in the object. Botpress seems to generally get this right, but it seems to have some erratic results. Should I just be improving the prompts, or is there a better way to tell botpress how to store data like this? Thanks in advance!
One thing I am thnking is: Have an execute code look at the values that are filled, and have it choose one and set it to a variable. THen in the following AI task, feed it the object + Summary analysis + the specific value that needs to be filled and then create a question to learn about that. I know almost no code, other than what I am figuring out through the code builder AI thing in bot press
That's a bit long for #1108396291060408352 @brave-dawn-96867 😮 , care to create a post in #1111009377525186570 ?
will do next time. I believe I've since I've done 10 different iterations of how to do this so I'm good 😄