# 🌎general


06/15/2023, 7:25 AM
Hey guys! I'm new here, what would you say are the best resources to learn how to master botpress? I was watching the video on your channel to build 'recipe bot', however, I'm facing some problems and don't know where I can troubleshoot these issues. Thanks!


06/15/2023, 8:12 AM
good question, I found only the official YouTube channel + docs. There are some old docs with screenshots and guides that do not relate to the newest version of Botpress. Other than that there is only Discord left I guess. Have anyone found some?


06/15/2023, 5:17 PM
ah this is a great question! we'd love to see more community resources appear and will share them as they exist. for now we're just building together on Discord 🙂
that said, if there are any tutorials or guides you want to see, do let us know and we'll look into making them and putting them out!