I'm building a bot that i want to gives out to dif...
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I'm building a bot that i want to gives out to different customers. I want to give them the option to rename the bot for themselves. I also want them to be able to enter their different program options for questions. Is there a way to do that or do i have to manually change the questions and answers myself for each person?
Hey @big-noon-55772, the way to achieve that is by adding a techical person from each client company as a collaborator in your workspace (so one workspace per client)
Then they would be able to make small (details) or even big updates (flow logic, knowledge base sources) to the bot
You should ask that each client makes a FAQ document, and you can just use that as a source in each bot
Awesome thanks!
When it comes to zapier workflows do they have to make their own account and connect an api to the bot?
Yes that would be appropriate! So each client has more privacy and control over their flows and data
@acceptable-gold-88171, can you confirm this the best way to go?
I think one zapier account per client would make sense. The part I'm not sure is if you should manage it or they should. If what they want to do is complicated maybe you can manage it as a collaborator after they set up the account.
Yes you will need access to all platform so you can make updates yourself. But that's up to your contract