Hello BP Community, what are the pricing strategie...
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Hello BP Community, what are the pricing strategies and approaches being used for developing bots for clients? As an example, we are working on a PoC with an insurance industry client which requires several flows and some integration with their systems as a matter of course. The bot will handle customer queries around policy information, claims, beneficiaries, etc. There is a need to extend some client APIs, which we are doing by creating a custom GraphQL API. Happy to discuss offline, if the forum is not not deemed an appropriate place for this; I appreciate pricing can be a sensitive topic. Thank you.
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hey @bored-judge-73122 i'll send you my email in private"
in the mean time here are two links that will hopefully help
Thank you @freezing-printer-49373 .. I did email @echoing-translator-21901 and @steep-wire-96122 on the same. I note that @echoing-translator-21901 is OOTO until mid June. We do have some exploratory conversations with a small group of potential clients so we can map out our funnels and technical sales processes.
We are currently building up our partner collateral to help our partner network in their customer acquisition processes, if there is something we can provide that can help out from let us know!
I am here to help in the meantime. Feel free to reach out in DM to let me know your details so I can retrieve the conversation.