Hi guys, I'm building an ai chatbot for my ai auto...
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Hi guys, I'm building an ai chatbot for my ai automation and optimisation agency, this is my first bot and want to create it for use in meetings/consultations/proposals to show the basic capabilities and how we can improve user experience on a website. Im basically looking for suggestions/inspiration on what key areas I have to hit with this bot to show it at its best. For example, im already integrating location of business, carousel showcasing work, company info/faq etc. would love some suggestions!
Hey @brief-agent-71184, glad to know you are trying out Botpress for your agency! Take a look at this tutorial series where Gordy demonstrates all Botpress features https://botpress.com/blog/unlocking-the-power-of-chatgpt-a-comprehensive-video-series-on-building-a-chatgpt-recipe-chatbot
Then you can decide which are worth using in your demo!
The documentation is also a great place to learn our features: https://botpress.com/docs/
@proud-salesmen-52906, @thankful-gpu-65918, this will be useful for you too!
@early-train-33247 Brilliant resources, thank you!
Thank you for these resources
My pleasure, guys! Happy building 🚀