Here's a tough question - why did people pick botp...
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Here's a tough question - why did people pick botpress as the AI chatbot for their business? Due to the immaturity of the industry I'm having trouble picking a platform but I like what I've seen with botpress.
I would love to hear everyone's answer. I can say from my experience, the industry is changing fast, and there are a lot of solutions making comparisons difficult and unreliable, so that is indeed a tough question! For our part, we try to strike a balance between the more complicated pure dev solutions, and the overly simple bot builders so that devs, content producers and business stakeholders can work together on bot projects.
@nice-apartment-95891 What's something you saw that you liked in Botpress? 😁
I'm also curious, what other platforms did you consider?
So far I'm liking the mix of being able to control flow, control answers, but also let it generate answers from KBs.
it also is very good at being honest about not knowing 🙂
I think the industry for AI chatbots is not that new, bots have been around for a long time. But GPT-native bots are new, and Botpress already excels at it I tried Google Dialogflow CX, Microsoft Bot Framework, IBM Watson Assistant, Kommunicate, and MessageBird Flow Builder. Botpress beats them all in GPT integration, bot building time, ease of use, UX/UI, flexibility, sturdiness, community strength, openness to improvement, small learning curve and more. There is some room for enhancement, but I think BP is the best platform out there right now and will remain like so for a long time. 🚀