Hello everyone, We are looking for a chatbot for ...
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Hello everyone, We are looking for a chatbot for our WHMCS compatible companies. We want an application with Whatsapp and facebook messenger integration. It should be able to answer in two languages. We should be able to provide control for several companies from a single panel. I reviewed Botpress's page on this subject and directed here. Can you help with this?
Hey @billions-fireman-30009, Botpress Cloud does have integrations with both WhatsApp and FB Messenger. It also has multilingual capabilities.
Could you elaborate a bit more about what you mean by > We should be able to provide control for several companies from a single panel.
First of all, thank you, Have you used Tawk to? For example, we have 5 companies and we manage them from a single panel in Tawk to. We use Tawk to for a live messaging. Can we add 5 companies at the same time integrated with it and provide control from the same panel? This is what I want to learn.
Botpress cloud does have workspaces, where you can group bots. However there's not a way to do RBAC or modify account permissions in shared workspaces- yet. That feature is on our roadmap.
Many thanks
Hello again What you mentioned above is a user restriction, I don't mean that. Let me explain with an example. You have X company. You have company Y. Can we control X and Y from the same panel? Different sites are what I'm talking about. Think of it like this.Tawk to also has more than one site in the photo I shared above, we can answer those who want to ask questions on multiple different sites.from the same panel! Is this available in Botpress?
and finally, how many sites can we add to the same panel?
this is independent of the users. I mean, how many sites can a single person add and manage the chatbot?
You can create a workspace that will let you share the bot with other people. These other people will be able to build and modify the bot and its deployment just like you are able to. One bot can appear on multiple websites, channels, etc.
The free version is limited to 5 bots per workspace. The paid version can handle more
Great, that's what I wanted to know.
I have a few more questions
do we get 1000 messages in the free version? It says so on your website. Is it true?
We can add 5 bots to 1 website, right? So if there are 5 sites, we have a total of 25 bots, right?
yes, our free plan allows for 1,000 incoming messages per month. Messages in the studio emulator do not count towards this quota
I'm not sure what you mean by websites. If you have one bot that is deployed to WhatsApp and Telegram, it still counts as one bot.
If you have 2 workspaces, each with 2 bots, you have 4 bots
Look, https://spd.net.tr https://onofis.com two websites These are within our company. We will add chatbots to both of them.
we will open a single panel We'll be able to control our two sites, right? We'll add whatsapp and facebook messenger to both of them.
except for the 2 websites I mentioned above We have 3 more websites and we will add them too. But they are not active at the moment.
you know what I mean?
onofis.com spd.net.tr these two are whmcs compatible panels
we use tawk.to for live messaging with our customers.
but we will add chatbots to our websites for guidance before live messaging for our customers. you know what I mean?
Yeah. It sounds like you would have 1 chatbot per website. The free tier supports up to 5 chatbots, but you can have more with a paid subscription.
There is not any capabilities for handing the chat off to a human, though. It is in our roadmap but it hasn't been implemented yet.
Great, thank you very much
@freezing-printer-49373 can help out more with scoping a solution, too
ok I will contact him