# 🌎general


07/07/2023, 3:16 PM
Hi Everyone, I have just signed up and like alot of people I've only really got into AI over the past few months but have been learning lots from groups like this one. I have a project that I think might work, Im wondering how easy it would be the do the following: Example: Let's use an example of "Booking Tickets to an event" User enters the following into ChatGPT chatbot: "I want to book tickets to Taylor Swift in Dublin" Chat GPT recognises the command and calls the Ticketmaster API to show realtime ticket availability to this event and venue, user can complete the sale within the chatbot using Stripe / Sage as the payment method. Once the above is completed, the Chatbot remembers this purchase information and asks the user if it needs help with anything else? User enters the following into ChatGPT chatbot "I want to book a restaurant for 2 people close to the concert venue beforehand" Again, ChatGPT recognises the command and calls the ChatGPT plugin Open Table to show realtime availability and food options for the user, user can complete the booking within the chatbot. So in a nutshell, I'm looking to create a GPT4 Chatbot that talks to Ticketmaster API to book tickets and in the same chatbot can then use a seperate plug-in to book a restaurant. A Plug-in exists for OpenTable but not Ticketmaster.