that's really annoying, quite the oversight actual...
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that's really annoying, quite the oversight actually prevents a smooth conversation
What are your requirements for that? When will the user send something that is not an answer to a question?
I am trying to make it have a regular conversation, and capture an input after each response if i have to make it write a message each time, it makes it repeatative
notice the
What can I help you with?
each time
To be honest, it's good UX! Otherwise the user might not know that they can ask another question
Good point
thank you
There is a way to achieve that if the conversation has a single node, only. Please remind me tomorrow to find you a tutorial
well I am new to this whole area but I also wish you could have a capture card that doesn't have a prompt. If I ask a question and get an answer it seems very intuitive that it is now my turn to speak again. There is no prompt (or even random set of prompts) that doesn't seem awkward, because humans never interact like that.
It seems unnatural to keep saying "ask me anything" or "Do you have any more questions?" or whatever, no matter how clever and random those prompts are, a natural conversation would not have them. "What is the address? The address is x. When is the check-in date? The check-in date is y. Are pets allowed? Yes bring them. Woof. :)" Insert one of those prompts after each answer and it is not natural. Maybe an approach that meets @early-train-33247 's UX concern but is more natural would be to have an option to display the prompt in italics or slightly greyed out, so it would not be read as part of the dialogue. Then we could say "listening..." or something like that. shrug
Hey @rich-oxygen-43707, I got your point! @famous-jewelry-85388, what do you think of this?
I agree, I'm having trouble maintaining a normal conversation with the bot, much like I do when I use GPT or other more conversational bots. My suggestion would be a "raw input" card with an option to hide the prompt and simply listen to what the user has to say
Do you have the link for that tutorial? It would be very helpful for those situations we are talking about. Thank you!