Are there any active links or threads on keywords....
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Are there any active links or threads on keywords. Id like to capture raw input based on a variety of 8-10 keywords, then from there have the user jump to the selected node based on the keywords. If the keyword isnt in the raw input, a default node would be there to capture that
Hey @tall-petabyte-97072 the best way to achieve that is by using intents!
You would create an intent for each action the user may want to take, and the intent transitions to the proper node.
Check out the docs for intents at
Let me know if you manage to get it working!
Yes created these, my issue ig is capturing this raw input from the user and then assigning the next node
I think im lost on once i capture the raw input, capturing the keywords i've created in intents, what can I use to lead them to the next correct node. Is that possible? Example: Real estate company bot, user asks about a listing. Bot recognizes this 'listing' keyword from the raw input and transfer the user to the correct node that will have a knowledge base for listings, answer listing queestions, etc. Is this the correct way to think about these chatbots or should I be focused on it from a broader view? like having just one giant knowledge base ig. Excuse my noob questions, im learning still but ive loved loved loved this small journey so far. Its so sick what you guys have created fr
You should think of the bot in journeys as in the possible pathways the user may take and all required information and possible steps it needs to be completed
Now that you created the intents, you can add them to the first or whichever node to transition to another node or workflow
Click add card, then intent in the panel, then click the book icon to find intents from the lib
And then create the transition to the desired node
Please check out this tutorial series to learn more about all basic features and how to think about your bot