Who is the target audience for botpress? I am a so...
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Who is the target audience for botpress? I am a software developer for an agency where a lot of our clients are pretty tech illiterate. I could see using botpress to build bots for them, but I can't in a million years see them being able to use botpress themselves
Our users are technical and non-technical. At the moment the platform still requires some understanding of Javascript and programming logic, but in the near future users will be able to build and deploy whole bots with just prompts!
Adding some other considerations here: @adorable-solstice-63936 "For simple "read my website" stuff yes. But even the basic demos and tutorials are an hour long. The demo they have promoted first on their youtube involves a lot of code and that means debugging. Once someone understands botpress it's hard to imagine a better, more flexible AI integrated chat bot builder. I just don't think it would be plug and play for my low-tech clientele" @rich-oxygen-43707 "Very few businesses are going to build this for themselves. Just like they hire someone to build a website, they are going to hire someone to build a chatbot. This is low code/no code but it is not something even a tech savvy entrepreneur is going to jump in and set up in half a day. Not something useful, anyway. There is a learning curve and the only reason to go through it is if you are building multiple bots for multiple people. So to your original question, the target audience (IMO) is developers or agencies who are in that latter category."