I am just starting with botpress. I am having 2 is...
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I am just starting with botpress. I am having 2 issues, hope someone can help.. 1- the share link in my bot results in a terrible mobile display, with such a low zoom. I cannot see anything. Can i customize it? 2 - in the test your chatbot section, whenever I curse (im doing some tests on how it behaves), the bot keeps repeating the last answer, and the loop never stops. This is almost a raw bot. Where might be the issue?
I always run in all bots i create infinite loop detected while there is none. Like I have an array input of 20 cities. I want an AI task repeated 20 times once for each city to give which country the city belongs to. One node multiple nodes what ever i do to repeat 20 times. It always detects infinite loop and throws error and stops after 2 or is it 3. I am just unable to do this simple things required everywhere for bot building. Please help
@User Have you tried asking all at once? Add this to your instructions "Parse the list of input cities, and output a list of objects containing the corrected city name and its country" The AI task input should be a list like this:
["NY", "Sao Paulo", "Paris"]
The output variable must be an array (create it), which will have the following format when the AI Task is done:
[{city: "New York", country: "United States of America"}, {city: "São Paulo", country: "Brazil"}, {city: "Paris", country: "France"}]
If you add the lists above as an Example to the AI Task, it will work like a charm!