Hey guys I just started making my own chatbot I wa...
# 🌎general
Hey guys I just started making my own chatbot I wanted to ask can we add css modifications when we integrate this chatbot in our website
Hey Max, you can do that! Use our Styler tool https://styler.botpress.app/
When you are done, go to the "Get stylesheet URL" tab, and follow the instructions
We have some out-of-the-box styling, but if you need to change more advanced things, we would have to check with @plain-lifeguard-16679 if that's possible.
Hey! Currently you can use the styler or what is available in the docs: https://botpress.com/docs/cloud/webchat-customization/overview/ I am currently starting a new project to revamp the webchat. If you have to point what what's irritating and what you would like in a new webchat, please fill out this survey the survey in this post
That's great to know, couldn't find the survey in there though!
Hey @worried-apple-17483, so you can use your own CSS, check out this specific part of the docs: https://botpress.com/docs/cloud/webchat-customization/overview/#styling-the-web-chat
"To add your own CSS styling, you must upload your CSS file to your server and add it's url to the stylesheet parameter."
No problem, thank you!
this is dope
would love to have the possibility modify add raw css
but it's dope anyway