Dynamic images into Carousel and Image cards
# 🌎general
guys. Is there any way for me to programatically insert images into Carousel and Image cards based on users input?
Hey @bored-australia-39539 you can do that!
Could you explain to me your requirements?
Id like to suggest different products based on customers querry
You could have the product image urls in a Execute Code card, and in it assign the desired one to a
variable and in the Carousel card, use the variable like so:
Hey @bored-australia-39539, I posted a feature request: #1125588762601197688, please upvote and follow it so you are notified when it's released!
Is there a way to achieve the same effect but for providing a dynamic link?
Also what would this code look like? Thanks so much!
Hey this is a good way to achieve what you need: #1190425552704774324