Does the whatsapp integration still exist? I can't...
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Does the whatsapp integration still exist? I can't see it in my bots dashboard. Only webchat integration
Hey @rich-crayon-46986, it sure does! Click the Browse in Hub button and look for WhatsApp
Then you click Install and select the desired workspace and the bot to install it
Then click "Go to bot" to edit the integration
Check out this tutorial about how to set up the integration:
yup got it all set up
thanks @early-train-33247!!
Do you know how i can set up a bot initiated message now? The use case is that im setting up a concierge service for airbnb guests, so as soon as they check in, i want my bot to whatsapp message them and welcome them to the property and let them know they can ask any qs
You're welcome, glad it worked!
This is a new feature called Triggers, it's still in beta development and testing, but check out this thread #1121833577659768893
perfect, just reached to sly for early access!