Hello @everyone 👋 Next week we’re hosting a spec...
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Hello @everyone 👋 Next week we’re hosting a special Discord live event 🎉🎥 Our two resident bot masters, @acceptable-kangaroo-64719 & @red-rocket-93714 , will take the virtual stage in a Build-a-Bot Office Hours where they’ll craft a chatbot in real time and answer questions from the audience 🛠️🤖 If you want to learn directly from our team, mark your calendars and catch them live in the #1114236246118637701 channel next week on Thursday, June 8th (11am EDT / 8am PDT) 📺📅 Until then, happy bot building! 🚀 👉 Link to event: https://discord.com/events/1108396290624213082/1114288571491303574