Need help with bot integration
# 🤝help
Couple issues I'm having, trying to change the css of the bot to make it look different. I'm not having luck with getting this changed, anyone have any tips on this? Also with Messenger, I am trying to add in the botpress for a business however I need to go through the app creation section, seek approval, provide an explanation of what my bot does, provide a video, then await approval. Anyone know how to get around this as it seems tedious to do for each client?
Hey @purple-match-16159, two things to help you out: 1. is a neat little tool to interactively change style options for your bot 2. is a JSFiddle showing how to use a custom stylesheet when you embed your bot in a webpage
Oh amazing thank you very much Gordy.
Do you have any tips when it comes to Messenger integration or I need to get the approval from Facebook?
Seems like the styler botpress webpage isn't working for me
I've never done the approval myslef so I have no idea, sorry.
what about the styler isn't working?
Any update on this @acceptable-kangaroo-64719 ? It would be great to have a full tutorial on this, the Youtube video only shows the basic simple setup for the "testing" part, but there is nothing, anywhere, that talks about the "live app" part. I've seen a lot of unanswered questions regarding this in the last couple of days.
The reason is because going "live" with your Messenger bot is all about Facebook approving your app, which Botpress is not involved in. Maybe there's someone on the Discord server who has gotten a bot approved and it live? Otherwise I'd start with FB's own documentation about submitting for review