What are these icons?
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I have developed my chatbot and embedded it into my website. When I open the chatbot there is 4 icons that appear in the top right. I want to have the 'delete conversation' button and the 'close' button but there are another 2 buttons which I don't want but I can't seem to get rid of them. The buttons I want to hide are the ones inside the red circle in the image. Could someone tell me how I can get rid of those two buttons or maybe hide them?
@acceptable-kangaroo-64719 @early-train-33247 is this something you possibly have knowledge about?
Am having the same issue. Thought I could edit the css file and upload it somewhere elsewhere (GitHub) but does not seem to work. Only way it works is if it's hosted from the styler page on Botpress.
I don't think it's possible to remove the buttons at the moment. The list one is for the user to see their older conversations, the arrow I am not sure. What does it do?
The arrow button doesn't seem to do anything. I've tried multiple times to see what it does but I've found nothing. And the list button open older conversations but there seems to be loads of random numbers and letters that fill the screen which is one of the reasons I wanted to ged rid of it.
Hey @echoing-cat-6473 the arrow button is meant for downloading the conversation, which is not something users do usually, so I asked the team to hide all those icons behind a settings menu.
And also improve the conversation list! When I have an update about this I'll let you know! @lively-river-6773 too
Thanks @early-train-33247! Would this update become visible within the next week?
Since it's just an layout update it should not take long!
Hi guys. I am hiding those elements with the following styles: #btn-download, #btn-conversations { display: none; }
@early-train-33247 Any update on this? Thanks!
Hey guys, I actually do! We are working a new version of the Webchat so we will prioritize working on that! I believe the layout will be much better and will solve this issue!
Nice. The UI is too simple right now, so I'm excited for that one. Will it be possible to change the font of the text of the bot (from what I know, it's not possible) ?
Hi everyone! I have those buttons disabled in my bots. You need to use the custom code integration instead of the pre built one, and you need to enter these variables in (go through this docs page as there is a lot of customization possible) “enableTranscriptDownload”:”false” And “showConversationsButton”:”false” https://botpress.com/docs/cloud/webchat-customization/header/
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